As a sufferer from Rheumatoid arthritis Anouchka has been invaluable to me. For over five years now I have had massages from her and more recently sessions on the Gyrotonic ® machine which have enabled me to carry on with life with very little loss of amenity and very free restrictions.

She has made it possible for me to continue as I did before I contracted this illness for which I am truly grateful.

Nicola Lyons

Gyrotonic ® Method

Incredible flexibility, strength and co-ordination

The Gyrotonic Expansion System ® is a new and exciting concept in exercise, which exercises the musculature whilst mobilising and articulating the joints.

The uniqueness of the system is that it stretches and strengthens the muscles at the same time, whilst it increases the range of motion and develops co-ordination. It is an excellent practice for dyslexics as it requires you to work with the left and the right side of your brain.

The exercises are performed through spherical awareness and circular movements, through concentric and eccentric forces, exerted by the involved muscle groups, which are evenly distributed between agonistic and antagonistic expressions. Each exercise is synchronised with a corresponding breathing pattern and is performed with either a rhythm or melodic rhythmical expression, creating a gentle or forceful cardio vascular-aerobic stimulation, depending on the speed or intensity of the execution.

Attention is paid to increase the functional capacity of the spine, resulting in a superior, well proportioned, greater aligned body less prone to injury and accumulation of micro-trauma and acidity.

The machine can be adjusted to any one’s height, weight and strength. These exercises work with you on a lymphatic and glandular level as well as enriching and nourishing your muscles, realigning your skeletal frame, and increasing your synovial fluid to improve the elasticity of your ligaments, tendons, and cartilage.


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