The most relaxing massage

Let Anouchka give you the perfect rejuvenating experience

Anouchka originally trained in Thailand whilst living with a medicine woman of the Akha tribe. She taught Anouchka how to be intuitive and how to read information from the body. Anouchka has travelled the world with her clients from all walks of life, working on tour with bands, on film sets, and behind the scenes in theatre and television, as well as with sportsmen and women, ballet and contemporary dancers.

Her intuitive and sensitive approach to opening the restricted areas of your body have earned her the name “The Body Whisperer”.

Her intuitive bodywork incorporates reflexology, lymph drainage, meridian and muscle massage, cranial sacral release and gentle movements to unwind and unlock your body. Over the years she has worked on a myriad of imbalances within people, including infertility, cancer, Parkinson’s, post-operative care, pregnancy, sports injuries and lack of mobility.

Anouchka provides the most comfortable, luxury massage table with an adjustable headrest with sinus release points to ease any congestion in your face and head during the treatment. She blends all her vegan, organic, base and essential oils to create one for your particular needs, and her sheets are made from deliciously soft organic cotton.

Anouchka is available for retreats internationally.

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